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Admissions & Fees

Admissions & Fees

Greenfields aims to have a fair and inclusive admission policy and to offer quality care and support to families on our waiting list, with due regard to equal opportunities and data protection at all times. As such, we have a clear order of priority for offering places in our nurseries. Our admissions policy and procedure guide lays out the process of allocating places and managing admissions to the nurseries. The policy also explains the terms and conditions under which children are offered a place in the nursery in relation to offer of a place; settling in procedure; payment of fees (where applicable) and attendance.
Greenfields aims to represent a cross section of the communities it serves and as such we do not discriminate against any families or refuse entry to nursery to children from any background. We do not discriminate or refuse entry to nursery to any child on the basis of learning difficulties, disability or additional needs of any kind if they can successfully participate in the services offered by the setting.

Current Fees

Free places for 2 year olds

Your child may be entitled to free childcare for either 3 sessions each week during term time or two sessions each week all year round. We have places for two year olds at all of our nurseries and will try to meet your needs in terms of days and session times. You can check using this link if you are eligible for a place Apply for Two Year Early Learning Funding Place

Special Offer for under two’s: 30% off

We are happy to offer a reduction on the first month’s fees for children under two years attending the baby unit. Fees for children attending 3 full days or more will be discounted by 30% for one month. Furthermore, anyone who recommends a friend who subsequently takes up a nursery place will get £30 credit applied to their account.

Childcare Vouchers

We are happy to accept childcare vouchers from all providers. Many employers will provide these now and parents typically save around £650 per year on fees. There is also ‘Tax free Childcare’ available to working parents which was launched by the government in April 2017. We will be happy to explain these initiatives to you in more detail, or you can visit the governments Childcare Choices Website where you can find out what financial support is available .

Inclusive fees

The fees stated in our tariff are inclusive of all meals, snacks and activities. Our fees are reviewed every 18 months and we will give parents plenty of notice if there is to be an increase.

Payment of Fees

We do not charge an administration or registration fee for places, nor do we charge a deposit. Once you decide to accept a nursery place, we will arrange a number of settling in visits for you and your child which are entirely free; when your child starts we will ask for two weeks fees in advance by payment card or cash and then a monthly payment by standing order thereafter.

Nursery Closures

We close for two weeks each year in August and one week at Christmas, we do not charge for nursery places during the three weeks that we are closed. We do however charge if your child is absent from nursery due to illness or holiday and we do charge for bank holidays which fall on days when your child would normally attend.

Minimum Booking

The minimum booking in the baby unit is two days per week and for children over two is three sessions (or half days) per week (15 hours).

Childcare Tax Credit

You may be entitled to childcare tax credit from the government to help pay your childcare costs. Entitlement is dependent on your household income. You can find out more about childcare tax credits and check your eligibility using this link: Tax Credit Calculator.

Help for Students

If you are studying at a further education establishment, you could be entitled to support from the colleges childcare support fund. Ask at student services for information about how to claim. If you are studying at university, contact Student Finance England to obtain forms to apply for a childcare grant.


Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Statement

19th March 2020 - Our statement in response to the Coronavirus pandemic to reassure you of Greenfield's position.

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