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C11.1.2 Children's Records

Children’s Records


Maintaining accurate records is an essential part of good practice in childcare. Children’s individual records are vital to assessment, planning, monitoring and reviewing. At Greenfields, we keep an individual record for each child in our care. We have an open access policy which enables parents to view all records relating to their own child.

General principles of record keeping:

  • Children’s personal details will be kept by the Childcare Services Manager/Setting Leader
  • In line with Greenfield’s aim to work towards participation and partnership with parents, service users are encouraged to be actively involved in the recording process and records should clearly state the wishes and views of parents/carers.
  • Records will be written in a way that values each individual and adheres to the principles of Greenfield’s policy on equality and diversity.
  • Each file will be accurate, well organised and up to date. Records will be clear, concise and free from jargon and acronyms. All records must be signed and dated clearly.
  • Children’s records should demonstrate that the welfare of the child is the paramount consideration.


  • An enquiry form is completed when any enquiry for childcare is made. This includes the child and parents name, address and telephone number. Also details of what kind of childcare is required and the sessions needed.
  • Once a place is agreed parents are asked to complete personal details forms. A file is created which includes basic personal details and monitoring information including ethnic origin and religion (as defined by parent/carer). A copy of the child’s birth certificate will also be requested and retained on file.
  • During the settling in visits a learning journal will be created for the child.

Children’s Personal Details file content:

  • Child’s personal details including parent/carer contact details, collection consent forms and emergency contact details.
  • Allergy, medical and dietary information
  • Third party information such as reports and letters.
  • A copy of the contract or funding agreement between Greenfield’s and the child’s parent/carer.
  • Running records – record of contact with other agencies and parents.There is fresh drinking water available for all children throughout the whole day. This is positioned so that they can help themselves at all times and is labelled with their picture. Additional water is made available at snack and meal times and children are also offered whole pasteurised milk with their snacks. Other milk alternatives can be provided if children have allergies or intolerances.

Recording of Child Protection Matters:

Any information relating to a safeguarding issue are recorded on a safeguarding concern form and passed onto the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Records will be factual with clear dates and times recorded. Record will be kept up to date with details of investigations, assessments, decisions and action plan. The record will name the responsible authority for investigating concerns relating to a particular child. Safeguarding records will be retained in a confidential section of the Childs file.


All accidents and incidents that take place whilst the child is in the care of Greenfields are recorded on an accident/incident form. This will contain all of the details of what happened and any injuries and treatment. Staff involved and parents/carers sign this form and the parent/carer is given a copy. Greenfields also keeps a copy A record is also kept of any accidents that occur when the child is not at nursery. This is so that staff can monitor injuries and possible side effects. It is also an important part of safeguarding children and monitoring their well-being

When a child needs medication the childcare staff will complete a medication form with information about the medicine such as the dose, frequency, storage and reason for administration. Parents/carers are asked to sign to agree that the details are correct and that the child has had the medicine before and then again when they collect to acknowledge that it has been given.

Open Access:

Children’s records will be available at any time to parents/carers in accordance with Greenfield’s policy on internal open access.

Retaining Records:

Children’s personal details and any safeguarding information is archived and retained for 3 years after the child leaves. Learning Journals are copied to parents and then deleted. Accident forms are retained for 18 years before being destroyed.


  • Childcare staff are given detailed guidance on record keeping.
  • Supervisors will read and consider files in light of legislative and policy requirements, check records are satisfactory.

Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Statement

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