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C5.1 Equality & Diversity

Equality and Diversity.


Greenfields is committed to equality both in relation to employment and the delivery of its services. The organisation believes that, as providers of childcare, it has a responsibility to actively oppose any form of discrimination. Greenfields aims to protect children, staff and service users from discrimination in line with the Equality Act 2010. All of the services that Greenfields provides will reflect the Equality and Diversity policy.All children, staff and service users regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or family circumstances will be treated equally.

Equipment and resources:

A range of equipment and play materials will be provided to extend children’s knowledge and developmental skills. The equipment will be used in a way that will not stereotype according to gender and will reflect the multi-cultural/multilingual community in a positive way.

Equipment such as books, posters, displays and the celebration of festivals will reflect a variety of cultures and promote self-identities that will enhance the children’s self-image and home/life experiences. Snacks and meals will also reflect the cultural, religious and particular dietary needs of all children.

Bilingualism and multilingualism:

Bilingualism and multilingualism are seen as positive attributes to learning. We are aware that it is important for a child to maintain their home language. We will therefore find out about the languages our families speak and where appropriate provide educational resources to support development in the home language. We will ensure that children at all stages of learning English as an additional language (EAL) have full access to all activities. We will support their learning by offering real experiences in the play environment such as planning activities around favourite stories and rhymes that offer a good model for learning language we will also use lots of visual clues to assist understanding. Where needed additional support will be implemented for children with EAL.


Children will be encouraged to co-operate and respect each other in a caring, and non-aggressive manner, reflected in the forms of activities and behaviour techniques that are promoted. No form of physical punishment or ill treatment will be carried out. See Behaviour Management policy for more details

Discriminatory remarks and/or behaviour made by a child are not acceptable: where this occurs, nursery staff will clearly point this out, explain to the child why the remark/behaviour is not acceptable and correct information will be offered. Parents/carers of all children concerned will be informed of such incidents but the children will not be named.

Staff and parents will adhere to the organisation’s Equality and Diversity policy and any person displaying any form of discrimination can expect to be challenged by anyone using the childcare facilities. We reserve the right to ask people to leave the centre if necessary. Full day care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years including early learning programme for two year olds and Nursery Education for three and four year olds

Special needs and disabilities:

The childcare staff team is aware that some children may have special needs and/or disabilities and are proactive in ensuring that appropriate action is taken when a child is identified. The childcare staff work within the Special Education Needs and Disability Code of Practice and make adjustments to the environment and activities wherever possible. Extra support is implemented if needed. See Special Educational Needs and Disability policy for more details.

Access to services and employment:

As a service provider, Greenfields aims to support equality of access to all members of the community.

As an employer, Greenfields aims to remove discrimination, to provide equal access to jobs and training and to ensure that all staff enjoy fully the benefits of working for the organisation.

The designated people who have responsibility for dealing with Equality and Diversity are the Project Director and Childcare Services Managers. All Greenfields Staff are responsible for promoting equality and diversity and challenging discrimination of any kind.


Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Statement

19th March 2020 - Our statement in response to the Coronavirus pandemic to reassure you of Greenfield's position.

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