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Changes to Greenfields Staff

Changes to Greenfields Staff

There are some changes to our staff teams for the summer term. We like to inform parents of what is happening and are most grateful for the good wishes that our staff receive from parents when they are on maternity leave and for the warm welcome and support that our families give to new team members. Details are as follows:

Bilborough: Claire Richardson has started her maternity leave and will be off for the remainder of the year. Jennifer Openshaw will be standing in for Claire this term. Jenny is a very experienced Manager and has been with the organisation for over three years. We also have two new team members at Bilborough, Nicole Passerellii who will start on 18th April and and Natalie Tate, who will be joining us the following week.

Meadows: We have welcomed both Paula McAuley and Laura Smith back from maternity leave and they are both now working in the Pre-School room. We also have a new apprentice, Emily Gorsuch who joined us on 3rd April. Becky Njenjema who is the Team Leader in the Toddlers Daycare room, will be going on maternity leave in May; Georgina O’Dell will be acting Team Leader whilst Becky is away.

Clifton: We will be joined by a new team member, Aleysha Watson, who will be starting on Tuesday 18th May.

Forest Fields: We have a new team member , Zoe Brittain will be working in the Pre-School room from 27th April. We also have a new apprentice, Charlotte Webster, who joined us on 3rd April.


Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Statement

19th March 2020 - Our statement in response to the Coronavirus pandemic to reassure you of Greenfield's position.

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