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C6.1 Partnership with Parents

Partnership with Parents.


At Greenfields we feel that it is very important to build trusting relationships with parents and carers in order to ensure good communication and positive outcomes for each child’s well-being and development. We value parents/carers’ views and opinions and endeavour to listen and respond appropriately.
Role modelling positive relationships between adults is an important part of helping children to learn how to respond to others and build their own relationships and so this is our aim at all times.

How do we do this at Greenfields?

Before a child starts:

Initially we show parents/carers around the centre, they are able to see what it will be like for their child at Greenfields and meet some of the staff. This happens during the day to day running of the centre, either spontaneously (if there is a senior member of staff available) or by appointment.

Once the parent has decided that they would like their child to attend Greenfields we book visits for the child to start settling in and carry out an induction. This is an opportunity for the parents/carers to meet the manager and to gain information about how the nursery runs it is also a good opportunity to ask any questions and share information about their child

Settling in:

During the settling in process the child will attend visits which are usually approximately 1 hour long. They will meet their key person who will lead the visits and support the child. The amount of visits is discussed and agreed with the parents as all children are different. The length of visits can be lengthened or shortened if the key person and parents/carers feel it is necessary. Parents/carers are asked to stay with the child for the first visit, during this time discussions will happen with the key person about the child’s likes and dislikes and individual needs. During further visits the parent/carer will begin to leave the room, it will be agreed between the parent/carer and the key person when the right time to do this is.

On-going communication:

We share information with parents/carers in a variety of ways –

  • Daily reports
  • Key person meetings
  • Tapestry learning journals
  • Display boards
  • Newsletters
  • Parent/carers notice boards
  • Daily feedback
  • Our website
  • Our APP

Key Person:

When a child starts Greenfields, we recognise the importance of continuity of care and therefore we operate a Key Person system. It is a Key Person’s responsibility to support the child and provide a vital link between home and nursery. The Key Person will support the settling in process; monitor all play and learning experiences and promote the child’s all round development.

The system operates by naming one adult as the primary contact person for each child, though all childcare staff are involved and familiar with all children. The Key Person is the main contact for a particular child and responsible for collecting information about the child, keeping accurate and relevant records and passing on information to the child’s parents on a regular basis. All childcare staff will have contributed to these records which parents have access to.

The Key Person system is beneficial to parents/carers especially those who have never left their child with another adult. We hope that parents appreciate the time taken for the Key Person to learn about the child – likes/dislikes, previous experiences and important aspects of their personal care routines, etc.

The Key Person may be used as a source of information for parents. This exchange of information is vital for all to respond to the needs of the child and to make important decisions about the way forward.

Key Person meetings are held to allow the parent/carer and key worker to discuss the child’s development and progress.

Each child’s Key Person will change as they progress through the different rooms in the nursery. Parents/carers will be informed of any changes.

If a Key Person is unavailable, they will nominate another member of the childcare team or make use of daily diary slips/message books/information books etc. to pass on information.

Parent/carers feedback:

It is always useful to us to have feedback from parents/carers using our service. When children leave or move rooms parents/carers are encouraged to complete evaluation forms. We also on occasion ask parents/carers to complete questionnaires on specific areas of our provision. The management team also appreciates any other feedback that parents wish to give as it is a useful tool for self-reflection. We take on board all feedback and act upon this wherever appropriate.

Home learning:

In order to support children’s development we feel that it is very important for nursery and home to work together. We do this by sharing information with parents/carers about what their child has learned at nursery and are very happy to hear what they have been doing at home. Tapestry is a positive way to make links with home and a good way for parents/carers to find out what their child is doing at nursery. We also have home learning bags and a library for parents/carers and children to borrow and enjoy together at home.


Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Statement

19th March 2020 - Our statement in response to the Coronavirus pandemic to reassure you of Greenfield's position.

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