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C13.1 Photograph & Video Images

Photograph & Video Images


Our policy is to protect the children in our care from the misuse of photographic and video images of themselves, taken whilst they attend Greenfields.


It is our policy to use photographs taken in the nursery to support the children’s learning and also to record children’s individual progress. Photographs recorded in nursery as part of a normal day are taken using a digital camera and are only taken by members of the staff team. Additional photographs or images may be taken of children as part of the work of the nursery and may be taken by a reputable professional photographer. In the case of outside agencies taking photographs for marketing purposes, the nursery will seek written, parental permission from families that they agree for their child to be included. Should a parent prefer their child not to take part then any images taken will be deleted. Individual children will not be included if written permission is not given by the child’s family.


Photographs/videos are taken to: - support the learning of each child’s individual record - illustrate work on display around the nursery building

Photographs may also be taken in the following ways:

  • At times, photos of children in the nursery may be taken by the local press to promote a particular event/activity. The parent registration form asks for permission in advance for their child to be included. Parents will be informed of this prior to the photographs being taken.
  • The nursery also uses professional photographers who take portraits of the children which can be purchased by the child’s parents/carers. Photographs will only be made available to the parents/carers of the children involved.


The use of webcams within the nursery is not permitted. Staff should be aware of computers where webcams are attached or inbuilt and ensure that they are disconnected at all times. This is especially essential with computers that are connected to the internet.

Parent/Carers use of cameras/videos in nursery

Parent/carers are not to take any photographs or videos of children including their own in the nursery. If they would like copies of any of the photographs that the nursery taken then these can be emailed or printed. If the photograph includes any other children then permission from their parents will need to be gained. During group events parents/carers are not permitted to take photographs or videos unless prior written consent has been gained from all parents/carers. Parents/carers should understand that Greenfields cannot take any responsibility for what happens to these pictures.


Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Statement

19th March 2020 - Our statement in response to the Coronavirus pandemic to reassure you of Greenfield's position.

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