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C14.1 Social Network & Mobile Phone Use

Social Network & Mobile Phone Use


In order to protect the reputation of the organisation and to safeguard the children and staff, the following guidelines must be adhered to when using the internet including social networking sites. This is to protect the children, parents and other staff in the nursery.

Staff members are allowed to use any social networking site as long as they adhere to the following guidelines regarding the impact social networking may have on the organisation. Failure to comply may be invasion of privacy and may infringe the centre’s Confidentiality Policy. The guidelines include, but are not limited to:

Staff must not publicly mention any of the children from the nursery on their online profiles;

Staff must avoid writing indirect suggestive comments about the nursery on their social networking sites e.g. “I’ve had a bad day at work”;

Staff must not publish photos of the children on their online profiles;

Staff must not publish photos of other staff in the nursery on their online profiles;

Staff must not publicly write anything about other staff members on their social networking sites;

Staff must not go on social networking sites during working hours, this is only permitted when on designated breaks.

Staff must not mention any of the organisations that Greenfields works with on their social networking site;

In order to maintain professional boundaries staff should not accept personal invitations to be friends or communicate with parents or carers that use the nursery on social media sites. Exception will be made when they know the parent/carer in a personal capacity. In these cases the Childcare Services Manager must be informed.

Furthermore, staff members are advised to set their online profiles as private so that only friends are able to see their information. This can help to prevent any accidental breaches of this policy.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not to be taken into the nursery or after school club by any staff under any circumstances during the hours that the children attend. This is to ensure that the children are safeguarded against inappropriate images being taken and to ensure that staff are completely attentive at all times whilst working with children. Parents/carers and visitors must not take out their mobile phones whilst they are in the nursery or afterschool club and will be asked to put them away or step out of the room.

Staff must adhere to the following:

  • Mobile phones can only be used on a designated break and this must not be in the nursery or afterschool club during the hours that children attend
  • Mobile phones should be stored safely in designated lockers at all times during working hours
  • No photographs should be taken of the children on any phones either personal or business.
  • During trips out of the building a centre mobile phone must be used that does not have a camera or an internet connection.
  • If any of the above points are not followed then the member of staff involved will face disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal.

Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Statement

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